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Welcome. I'm Cassidy and I want to help you find your yoga by cultivating connection, creativity, and community.


Together, we can foster your growth and discover the wholeness that lies within you.

Explore your mind, body, and spirit by shining your light of awareness upon them.

I hold space for you to feel supported in your


by offering yoga classes, meditations, and coaching sessions.



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Cassidy Engfer, RYT 500, is a long-term Sierra Nevada habitant; growing up in this area has created an inseparable bond between her and nature. This connection with the natural world led her to Lake Tahoe in 2012, where she attended Hatha Yoga course in college. Six years later, Cassidy decided to further her love of yoga and attend an intensive and immersive 200HR yoga teacher training in Costa Rica in 2018. This immersion course changed her life and her definition of yoga- she felt the union of mind, body, and soul.


Cassidy has always thought of herself as a life-long learner, feeling fulfillment when increasing her knowledge. Beginning her 300 HR training at the end of 2018 and completing it in 2019. She is watching as the journey unfolds and relishing every minute of the path. Cassidy truly loves to be able to share all that she has learned with others and to cultivate connection by providing a nurturing, loving space.


" was great coaching, very motivational, and completely empty of judgments..."


Lulu C.


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