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weekly yoga classes


8:00-9:00 AM: Mindful Morning Movements on ZOOM
7:00-8:15 PM: All-Levels Yoga & Meditation on ZOOM​

8:00-9:00 AM: Mindful Morning Movements on ZOOM
7:00-8:15 PM: All- Levels Yoga & Meditation on ZOOM

11:00 AM-12:15 PM: OUTDOOR All-Levels Yoga (Weather Permitting)​


 ~ 25 Classes for $25! ~

How does it work?

Upon booking your first class you will be charged $25.00, then you will be sent a personalized code to sign in to the classes you choose for the next month! You will be sent a monthly invoice via PayPal after that to continue your unlimited monthly memberships.

Payment options: PayPal, Venmo, Cash​

class schedule subject to change. please check the calendar for current availability

V.I.P. Visioning Process

5 Week Program (once week session/30-60 minutes)
We’re going to get clear on your vision (your ideal life) and your mission (a practical action plan to move toward your vision). To create those, we’re going to start by discovering and diving into your values, identity, and purpose!​

Contemplative Listening

Experience the benefits of someone deeply listening as you share what’s real for you right now, explore where you want to go next and the best path to get there- in a safe, confidential environment.

Intention Setting

Receive the gentle support you need to connect to possibility, get real about where you are right now, identify obstacles that might be in your way, and set a clear, measurable intention to get you where you want to be.​



VIP Visioning Process - 5 Week Program: $250

Single Sessions: $50

BONUS! Free Yoga Classes During Week(s) of Session(s)

PayPal, Venmo, Cash​

coaching sessions


private yoga and meditation sessions


yoga session

Pranayama | Asana | Meditation

45-90 Minutes

A private class rooted in love that is tailored to your individual needs or desires.An opportunity to promote balance and well-being through:


  • Pranayama - Breathing Techniques


  • Asana - Physical Movements


  • Meditation - Mindfulness Exercise

all private sessions are individually scheduled. let's connect!

Yogic Sleep Meditation

30-60 Minutes


Yoga Nidra is a reclined, supported, guided meditation practice in which the teacher reads through a carefully crafted meditation script that guides you into a state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep. Scientific studies are being done in the US Army to assist in PTSD recovery and to boost Self-Esteem in college students.


A few of the many benefits to Yoga Nidra:

  • Stress Relief

  • Increases Proprioception

  • Decreases Tension & Anxiety

  • Promotes Calmness

all private sessions are individually scheduled. let's connect!


yoga nidra


guided meditation


Guided Relaxation | Mindfulness | Meditation

30-60 Minutes


This guided meditation is tailored to you personally and designed with intention to assist you in your focus. When scheduling these meditations there will be a short consultation on what the meditation should entail.


A few examples:

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Sound Bowls

  • Chakra Focused

  • Body-Scan

  • Loving-Kindness (Metta Meditation)

all private sessions are individually scheduled. let's connect!

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